Lemon Posset

Ingredients - Portion - 6-8

  • Double Cream/cooking cream – 1800 ml
  • Sugar – 450 gms
  • Lemon juice – 120 ml
  • Lemon peel without the white part (just the thin peel , ensure no white part as it causes bitterness)– 2 no
  • Alphonso mango pulp
  • Mixed berry

Method of Preparation

  • Boil the sugar and cream and the lemon peel together for 10 minutes
  • Stir in the lemon juice and boil for a further 1 minute
  • Pass through a sieve
  • Allow to cool then pour on top in any fancy glasses you might find at your home
  • Allow to set in the fridge for minimum 4-5 hours.

Once set you can top the posset with 2 tbsp of Mango pulp or mixed berries or fresh fruits.