Le-Marche is all about gifting the customer with a memorable shopping experience, through the exotic and choicest food products we house, along with a relishable in-store experience. The farm-fresh vegetables and fruits, hydroponics, microgreens and more will help you prepare the healthiest and most delicious meals every day. The wide range of poultry, fresh meat and seafood are prepared and packaged under very hygienic conditions. We also have an exceptional range of gourmet food items made using high-quality ingredients especially for the food aficionado.

Le Marche Differentiators

Fresh Food

Buy Fresh Food Products Maintained in the Most Hygienic Conditions

We aspire to deliver a great shopping experience through the food we offer. We gather fresh food products that range between the basic, everyday groceries like staples and spices to exotic imports from across the globe. With fresh produce and other products that are not easily available across general grocery stores in the country, we attempt to create a unique shopping experience for every shopper that enters our stores. We currently operate in Gurugram and Delhi, with 4 stores in Gurugram and 3 stores in New Delhi.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Ranging from Indian to Exotic Varieties

When you think of fresh fruits and vegetables, you think of produce that is not affected by chemical treatment and is hygienically packed and transported. And, that is exactly what we promise to deliver. With farm-fresh vegetables and fruits that range between the commonly used in the Indian kitchens to the exotic varieties that often form part of global cuisine and those that are grown through unconventional methods for environmental benefits, you will come across a surprisingly wide variety at our stores. We have vegetables and fruits grown through the hydroponics technique, wherein plants are grown only using mineral nutrient solutions, and not soil. This method enables the use of 20 times less water than soil based gardening and uses no pesticides at all. We also have a variety of microgreens, which are also called ‘vegetable confetti’, and these are used as a visual and flavour component primarily in fine dining. So, the next time you have guests over at home, you can be ensured to give them the best ‘fine dining’ experience with the products you can get from us.

Complete Range of Fresh Meat, Poultry & Seafood

As far as maintaining fresh meat, poultry and seafood is concerned, the packaging plays a very important role. The wrapping on frozen meat is be done carefully in order to avoid the entry of air into the packaging. At Le Marche, we ensure that the complete range of premium fresh, frozen and marinated meats, poultry, seafood and delicatessen that we provide are packaged and displayed in ultra clean and hygienic conditions. Under the meat section, we have cold cuts, marinated chicken, mutton, seafood and turkey, raw meats and raw seafood along with frozen chicken and mutton snacks, sausage, ham, salami, prawns and much more.

Other Fresh Food Items

At Le Marche, we have a range of bakery products, including breads, tortilla, cakes and pastries and various savoury snacks. These are prepared and served fresh on a daily basis. We also have range of dairy products including milk, cheese, butter, curd, yoghurt and more.

Premium Quality

Buy Premium Quality Food at Le Marche

We aim to deliver the highest quality products to our customers. All our food products, ranging from fruits and vegetables to dairy and meat maintain the highest quality in terms of their production, hygiene and packaging.

The Variety of Premium Quality Products We Have

Le Marche caters to a wide variety of products and this includes the following: Bakery, Beverages, Confectionery, Dairy, Fresh & Frozen Non-Vegetarian Food Products, Home & Personal care products, Fresh Fruits & Vegetables among other grocery staples. These products are high-quality and premium that are grown / made in hygienic and healthy conditions. The in-store storage conditions are also designed in a way so as to ensure that these foods retain their freshness for a long time.

We also have a variety of gourmet products that are prepared using exceptionally skilful methods. We are proud to say that Le Marche has been the winner of the Golden Spoon Award for the best gourmet food retailer for 2 consecutive years. We have the best collection of premium food items spanning across categories and these cater to the well-travelled Indian who has a discerning taste for good food. We also have a live food counter where food is prepared and served to the customers then and there.


Buy Gourmet Food at Le Marche

We have the widest range of gourmet food that are of exceptional quality, prepared skilfully and presented artistically. We have the best collection of premium food items spanning across categories and catering to the well-travelled Indian who is a connoisseur of good food. You will find your favourite gourmet food items ranging from fruits and vegetables, to dairy products and world food.

For the Consumer Who Loves Global Cuisine

Gourmet foods are prized owing to the exclusivity factor associated with them. Many of these products are made using high-quality ingredients using time-honoured methods and traditions. These very factors make them extremely valuable and a great experience to consume. At Le Marche, we provide some of the best, exotic vegetables and fruits, microgreens, hydroponics vegetables etc. that are grown using exceptional methods and are not easily available at every store. Under dairy products, we have specialty cheese and more, that contain a unique and complex mix of flavours. Buy gourmet coffee from us, that is prepared from high-quality beans under specific growing conditions resulting in coffee with exceptional flavour, texture, aroma and after-taste. We have special juices and drinks made using healthy ingredients like seeds, Aloe Vera, Nata De Coco and more. Under the world food section, we have special gourmet products that are not easily available in local supermarkets. We have a range of Italian, Lebanese, Mexican and Japanese food among other global cuisine ingredients.

Browse through the racks at our stores, that are carefully designed in order for you to find what you are looking for in a jiffy! The fine food and drink that are termed as ‘gourmet’ are available at Le Marche stores at Gurugram and New Delhi.

Shopping Experience

Le Marche- A Rewarding Shopping Experience

We guarantee the in-store shopping experience with Le Marche will motivate you to get out of your homes and venture into our stores again and again! Customer experience is paramount for us, as a happy customer is the best reward that we can get. At Le Marche, we focus on what you take back in terms of the experience you had at our store along with the products you buy from us. Online shopping is convenient for sure, but the fulfilment and joy that you can get out of physically shopping at a brick-and-mortar store is beyond words. It can act as therapy for your mind and leave you feeling content and happy. This is what we religiously try to achieve at all our store across Gurugram and New Delhi.

How we give our customers a fulfilling shopping experience

Le Marche has always been well known for its buying experience. We have realized that the easier it is for the customer to find what he or she is looking for, the more satisfied they become. Keeping this factor and many others in view, we have structured and designed our store layout in such a way that it ensures a pleasurable shopping experience for the customer. These are a few aspects that ensure a great shopping experience with us:

  1. The racking units are stocked systematically and the aesthetic design of the store is soothing.
  2. The categories are stacked by ingredient type and area of origin.
  3. We have state-of-the-art infrastructure, machinery, cold rooms and food storage warehouses. These ensure that our products remain fresh.
  4. We have dedicated sections for dry groceries, meat, liquor, live counters, fresh produce and bakery items
  5. The product assortment is on-point and assure that you reach to your desired product in no time.
  6. The average check out time is lower than 3 minutes across all stores.

In addition to these, we have in-house staff that are richly informed of all the products present in our stores including commendable gourmet knowledge. The quality of service from the side of the staff has always been appreciated and it will continue to remain that way.